Yes you read it correctly! We are giving away free tickets for Violet Tree’s fall Europen Tour!

And it’s not just one or two we are giving away 10 tickets! There will be 5 winners and each get a ticket for themselves and a friend!

Tour Dates
2019.09.20 Connexion Live, Toulouse, France
2019.09.23 Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019.09.24 Zagreb, Croatia
2019.09.26 Aurora, Budapest, Hungary
2019.09.27 Reigen Live, Vienna, Austria
2019.09.28 Chapeau Rouge, Prague, Czech Republic
2019.09.29 Voodoo Club, Varsaw, Poland
2019.10.01 Niebo Café, Wrocalw Poland
2019.10.02 Artist Home, Berlin, Germany
2019.10.03 Domhof Köln, Köln, Germany
2019.10.06 Underworld Camden, London, England
2019.10.08 Le Garage Creative Music, Liege, Belgium
2019.10.09 Backstage By The Mill, Paris, France
2019.10.12 La Maison Bleue, Strasbourg, France
2019.10.14 Melodka Club, Brno, Czech Republic
2019.10.19 & 20 Bulle d’Asie, Lyon, France

Just fill out the form below, and let your friends know to increase your chanses of winning!

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Win 2 tickets to any show by Violet Tree this fall in Europe! Just signup, tell your friends and keep your fingers crossed! We will announce the winners on the 21st of September 2019! Good luck!
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Winner will be announced on the 20th of September!

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