Po skoraj enemu letu neaktivnosti se tako na odre kot v studio vrača zasedba skupine Girugämesh, pravkar so namreč posodobili svojo spletno stran s sledečim besedilom:


Since their performance at Hibiya Open Air Music Hall in October 2012,
girugamesh have continued to stay quiet without any further release announcements.

While speculations have been flying about, they stubbornly refused to take center stage.

“Wait for this moment…”

Before the milestone of their 10th anniversary since their formation, the four of them re-examined girugamesh’s music up to this point, to stretch and improve themselves, to a level of conflict and potentially violent collisions.

As a result, the thoroughly examined sound, contains the strong initial impulse at its roots, follows the many different sounds pursued up until now, while causing a transformation that needs to be shown on a new stage.

This existence is called [girugamesh].
The time has come to reveal the answer.

Kdaj točno in na kakšen način se zasedba vrača še ni znano, prilagamo le sliko njihovega očitno novega stila, kateri je bil prav tako pravkar objavljen:

Girugamesh 2013

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