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G-Dragon Europe Tour 2017Aranžmaji že na voljo!

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Prihajajo the GazettE! World Tour 2013

No pa smo končno dočakali, the GazettE so malce prej na svoji spletni strani objavili svojo letošnjo svetovno turnejo, kamor seveda spada tudi Evropa, tako da z veseljem oznanjamo da se bomo 27.09.2013, udeležili njihovega koncerta v Nemčiji!



Orochi – Sakura [PV]

Orochi finally released a PV for their most known song called “Sakura” it was the most requested PV since their visit to Slovenia almost 2 years ago, but I’m sorry to say the wait was not worth it. A song like this deserves a better PV, not a low-budged single camera shot, anyways hope you can still enjoy it, for the song if not for the video:


THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S – Canceled shows

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S and their management B7Klan have just announced the cancellation of 3 Europe shows in Italy, France and the UK due to low ticket sales. Other shows are currently still confirmed but the B7Klan have announced a “hiatus” status on their Japanese projects for the time being.

Help to save what is left and come to any other shows that are still not cancelled, for people form the ex-Yugoslavia territory’s interested in the show please click here, to join us to see the show in Germany on the 26th of February.

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