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McDonald's Japan to sell only small-size fries due to delayed imports | The Japan Times
McDonald's Co. (Japan) said Monday it will sell French fries only in small order size from Wednesday because of a delay in imports amid a port worker strik

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Cat is Given the Title of “Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan” | Japan Realm
Sestu-chan is the newest grumpy cat of Japan. He's so popular that he has received attention from Japanese television as well as his own photobook named..

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Korean illustrator gives Western fairy tales a whimsical Eastern makeover【Pics】
It’s been a year since the release of the mega hit animation Frozen, but as much as some of us can’t wait for it to fade into the shadows, the icy queen and her Frozen empire are still staying put in the spotlight, as if the movie had only been released last month. We previously saw Elsa and Anna lo…

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